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Ease of Use Excellent
Features and Durability Superb 5 Stars
Overall Value Superb 5 Stars

Available on Amazon for $299 here.

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Smoker

Smokey Mountain Smoker 721001 Overview

The Smokey Mountain Smoker 721001 by Weber is updated version of the Weber 2820 with the addition of some important features. Overall, the smoker provides a spacious interior, which makes it possible to cook a whole turkey and an entire ham at the same time. The nice thing is that even with the interior space, the 721001 Smokey Mountain Smoker is very useful for smaller meals and you can cook a rack of ribs, brisket, or chicken.

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I find that the Smokey Mountain Smoker keeps even heat, and burns the same fuel for hours. The temperature is easy to control and maintain consistent heat. The adjustable vents at the bottom make it easy to adjust airflow (this is an important feature that a lot of cheaper smokers don’t have).

The Smokey Mountain Smoker 721001 is made of porcelain-enameled premium-grade steel. Included with the smoker ares two heavy, nickel-plated cooking grates that measure 18-1/2 inches in diameter. This diameter offers plenty of room for larger birds. A porcelain-enameled steel water pan adds steam to the cooking process, so meats stay moist. I find that the individual vents on the bowl and lid offer very good air-flow control for tender meats and longer-burning charcoal. Lastly, the heat-resistant nylon handle on the lid stays cool to the touch.

The Smokey Mountain charcoal smoker measures approximately 19″ x 19″ x 41″ . Weber offers a 10-year warranty on this unit, which is pretty solid in my opinion.

Note, the 721001 is the 18.5″ inch model, which seems to me to be big enough for most of us.  If you need something larger, Weber makes the 731001 22.5″ Smokey Mountain Smoker.  The 731001 is what you need if you’re going to be cooking under commercial conditions.

Smokey Mountain Smoker pricesThe Smokey Mountain Smoker 72001 by Weber is Good For…

  • The first-time smoker. The quality that is built in to this unit helps ensure you get great results the first time. The great thing about this is that an enjoyable first time will lead to more use and a lot of great meals!
  • The professional, and competitive smoker. There is nothing about this unit that I can find which would make it undesirable for even the most experienced smoker. I know of one professional who took 5th in his first competition using this smoker. This unit has been reported to compete with the smokers costing thousands of dollars.
  • Anyone who loves great BBQ meats and seafood. This smoker takes BBQ cooking to “the next level.”

Let’s Look at The Features of the 721001 Smokey Mountain Smoker

  • It offers two cooking sections that will allow you to cook a great amount of food at the same time.
  • The cooking system is built with 2 heavy-duty, plated-steel, cooking grates.
  • The smoker features two 18.5 inch diameter cooking areas with approx. 684 sq. inch cooking area
  • A heavy-duty cover included, which I appreciate (our Arizona sun does bad things to grills without a cover)
  • Also comes with a cookbook from Weber cookbook, which is a nice feature for those new to cooking with a smoker.
  • The 721001 is built with a No-rust aluminum vent No-rust aluminum fuel door
  • Built-in lid thermometer – this is one of the new features included on this model (the previous 2820 model didn’t have this.
  • You can get the Smokey Mountain Smoker on sale at Amazon through this link.

The Pros:

  • Made with high quality material. Very durable.
  • Cook large birds or smaller meats (even burgers).
  • The adjustable air vents and built-in thermometer make it a breeze to control cooking temperature.
  • A LOT of online resources to help you get the most out of the smokers. Find videos, recipes and a virtual online community of smokers.

The Cons:

  • There are cheaper smokers for less than $299 – but I think this one is definitely worth the price.
  • Surprisingly, I really don’t have any knocks on it.

Smokey Mountain Smoker prices